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About Us

We are a 100% Irish owned lottery consultancy that works with existing GAA club lotteries to improve their weekly profits. We will work with your club to structure your existing Lotto in a way that maximizes its profits. 

We provide lotto advice and services to clubs, community organisations and charities throughout Ireland. We also provide services to any club that is thinking of setting up a Lotto.

 We believe that any club that partners with MegaLotto will see an immediate, and sustained, increase in lotto profits. Our product is tailored to suit the specific needs of your club.

Is your lotto…


In decline? 

Not Competitive? 

want to start A club  lotto? 

MegaLotto is the Solution

Guaranteed Mega Jackpot Every Week
No Risk to your club
No Minimum Term
Integrity of Lotto Guaranteed


  • Your club will receive it’s own jackpot of €15,000 – €30,000 each week
  • Clubs are free to leave at any stage
  • Megalotto will only partner
    with one club in your local area
  • Our platform is easy to use,
    and is fully certified and licensed
  • We offer online sales with no set up fees, no commission charges, no risk and no cost
  • Regardless of the size of your current jackpot ML will assume the risk and the funds revert to the club

How does it work? 

What is a MegaLotto?

A MegaLotto is a lottery draw with a guaranteed minimum weekly jackpot of €10,000 or greater.

What is the format of the lotto?

There are a number of different Lotto options you can choose. Your Lotto can start at €10,000 and increase to a maximum of €20,000. Or your Lotto could start at €20,000 and increase to a maximum of €30,000.

Does the Jackpot increase weekly?

Yes. For every week that there is no winner, the jackpot increases by either €100, €200 or €250 (depending which option you choose).

Who pays the Jackpot?

MegaLotto will handle the payment of every winning jackpot. The club does not pay anything towards the winning Jackpots. The club avoids all risk. 

What happens when the Jackpot is won?

MegaLotto arranges payment of the Jackpot to the winning customer and the Lotto resets to the original starting Jackpot figure for the following week (€10,000, €15,000 or €20,000 depending on which option you select).

What is the cost to my club?

Nothing. There is no up front cost to your club. There are some small start up costs, but these costs can be paid from the first weeks lotto sales. 

There must be some cost to using your service?

MegaLotto do not charge any club to use their service. We simply take a small percentage of every ticket sold for your lotto. This removes all risk from your club, with no cost to your club, and means your club is earning a profit from day one.

What happens if the Jackpot is not won?

Every week there is no winner the main jackpot increases by €100, €200 or €250 (depending on which option your club chooses).

In conjunction with the main Jackpot there is also a Consolation Jackpot. Similar to the main jackpot, this increases every week it is not won.

Partner Clubs

What our partner clubs say…

“We have been with ML for almost 3 years and in that time ML have paid out more than €100K in prize money. There has never been any issue with our winners getting paid and our lotto has been hugely successful”


“ML took over responsibility for our existing lotto jackpot which was at €15K and we were able to put this money back into the club”


We used to run a weekly Spin & Win. Since we changed to ML we have more than tripled our profits. After our jackpot was won at Christmas, being able to restart at €15K, without having to worry where the money would come from is brilliant.”


MegaLotto advised us when we set up our new Lotto and it has been a huge success. Two jackpot wins in the first 6 months has been a great boost to sales and the 2 x €5K incentives were a nice bonus”


Tailored Options

Our product can be tailored to the specific needs of your club! On average our partner clubs sell a combined 6000+ tickets each week, generating over €8,000 in weekly net profits. 

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